I'd appreciate help with these earrings

Hello- earrings are hand signed Sterling. One looks like MB aand the other possibly RB.
The bears are hand carved and I would appreciate any help with maker and type of turquoise. They appear fairly recent.

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I hate to say it but the turquoise looks block to.me.

I don’t know what that is.

It is just plastic resin with dyes. Here is something about it from Bigbree43

Thank you. Kind of like testing for cultured pearls rather than synthetic pearls using your teeth. I’ll give the bears a tooth test tomorrow. Good information.


It’s called block turquoise because it literally comes in blocks like cheese.

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image From

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It is fairly easy to spot based on the exact same shade of blue throughout the entire piece, and between the two bears the color is identical and uniformly opaque. No depth of color, gradation, or translucence, and the color and string-like look of the matrix.

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Thank you! Trying to learn.

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I use to have these, my mother got them from QVC block turquoise for sure.

Just a thought. Block is very lightweight. Real turquoise would pull too much on your ears. In this case because they look kinda big, I would prefer block, lol.