Identity of this turquoise

This is a Lorraine Waatsa cuff that I bought about 9 years ago in New Mexico near the Zuni pueblo. The sales slip noted it was of “hi grade web Kingman” turquoise. The bracelet is currently for sale on eBay and a viewer insisted that the turquoise was not Kingman or web, despite its description to me when I bought it from a reputable dealer. Pictures of water web Kingman I have seen seem to resemble the turquoise in this cuff but I’d love for additional conformation or other opinions.


I am certainly no expert, and I am sure others with way more knowledge will weigh in, but if I had to guess I would have guessed Kingman, and it does appear to have what looks like water web. Maybe they were mistaking water web with black spiderweb? Maybe they thought it was supposed to look like this, and don’t really understand what water web is.


I think you are correct that perhaps the individual who commented about the turquoise had spiderweb Kingman in mind which, thanks to your pictures, obviously differs from the turquoise in my Waatsa cuff. I’m also no expert, but I think water web is that, well, watery-looking matrix patterning show in this turquoise which has more of white-ish light tan coloration. Many thanks for weighing in on this.


Welcome! I hope others add even more experienced opinions…

It’s beautiful.


This bracelet is shockingly gorgeous!!


I recently visited the Kingman mine to buy turquoise. The variety I saw baffles the mind! It is truly amazing the different types that they are pulling out of that mine! I saw specimens that would be dead ringers for Fox, Royston, and tons of others. I have had a sea change on my opinions of Turquoise now. Given that Kingman is producing, and given that the variety they are pulling out is so expansive; I will now start to err on the side of Kingman. I know that doesn’t help you identify your cuff in question, but I would give it an 80% chance of being Kingman based on what I saw three weeks ago.


Of course it’s fun to have stones from different mines, but I have some beautiful natural Kingman stones - and some really pretty stabilized ones. I haven’t been to the mine, but what I’ve seen (on the internet, in shops, etc) of the variety of Kingman totally jives with your recent experience. When in doubt, I vote Kingman :laughing:


Kingman comes in many shades and features, both blue and green. While I would not automatically assume Kingman on this, it could be.

My 2 cents worth. Could possibly be Candelaria?

Beautiful bracelet. LW is known to have made her turquoise clusterwork with Sleeping Beauty, Lone Mountain, and Morenci. That said, it’s possible that a trader set her up with a stash of waterweb Kingman. There’s no doubt that this is a high-grade and stunning bracelet by her. The next owner will be thrilled!

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I believe @VeroBarb1 said the sales slip says “high grade web Kingman” so that’s her reason for thinking Kingman.

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