Indian Mountain ring

I am seriously considering this ring . I am told that it is Indian Mountain. Stamped LM on back. It is a very large ring so sadly I really can’t wear it. I really like the stone and the craftsmanship of the silver work. The band of the ring has inset line grooves (don’t know the technical name) It’s a pretty pricey item (for me) particularly as I can’t wear it as is. About $700

3 questions:

  1. is it worth it to get for the pretty stone alone
  2. does anyone know the artist LM
  3. would I devalue it by modifying the ring into a pendant or bracelEt cuff?

I’ve slept on it and it continues to haunt me…

Thanks all

Q: It won’t fit any finger, or only the finger you prefer to wear it on? I ask because a big ring works great worn on any digit, certainly including the index finger as you show it here. But if it’s flat out impossible, I would encourage you to look into getting the ring sized so you can wear it. It’s stunning, without a doubt.

I’m no jeweler so I can’t speak to the modding outcome, but IMO it would be a real shame not to rock this as it was set. I do think you harm the equity in it by messing with the setting; it’s hard enough as is to retain value, post-purchase.

If you post the hallmark it would be easier to take a swing at the maker, since several have those initials.

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Thank you for your response. Here is photo of ring shank and stamp. Yes I am hesitant to modify the piece and change the overall vision of the artist. i didn’t even think about getting it resized, in part because the sides seem difficult to size. In terms of size, this ring is so big, it fits on no finger and is even large on the thumb. So I am leaning towards taking the plunge because it is so striking but kinda bummed that I can’t wear it so…

You think this is Indian Mountain? And hence the hefty price tagg?

Hi Scdub, It’s really hard to say for sure that that is Indian Mountain Turquoise. I’ve posted some other pics for your consideration also search red mountain turq on the net . If it is IM turq. then it is worth the money both as a stone and a piece of art.
If you choose to alter it you may loose the art value. Better find out who the crafter was first.
If you do choose to change it around here are a few thoughts.

  1. Find a skilled silversmith who works in this kind of setting. It doesn’t look like the bezel is set to deep and they may be able to remove the stone and do what ever torch work you need to do.
  2. Cold work it…have your Jeweler cut a section out of the band bob the corners and close it up to make it smaller. similar to an adjustable ring.
  3. Same…If you don’t want to wear it as a ring your jeweler can cut the band in the middle and roll the ends in to make two side by side loops on the back that will fit a bolo cord. presto you have a necklace/ bolo.
  4. If its just about the looks, there are similar turquoise stones like those below (#8 mine). This design is very easy to make.You could have a ring or pendant custom made for under $100 Hope this helps, Kyle

source : Waddellgallery

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Beautiful ring, Navajo silversmith Leon Martinez makes this traditional style jewelry. I don’t think I would call that Indian Mountain, more likely a piece of Turquoise Mountain. Like this with a little more webbing. If you do a google search for Leon’s rings you will see a wide price range.


Thank you @Jason! Um…Is this your polite way of saying it is too expensive for what it is? :smile: Really… let me know, cuz it is a pricey piece that I can’t wear as is, so I don’t want to be an uniformed buyer.

Upon closer inspection, I see the mosaic “squares” in the indian mountain examples posted by @Steve (thank you!) vs the “yellow lines” in the blue of Turquoise Mountain. Is this the key difference?

Thank you! I guess reworking a piece is a lot of effort and may not be worth it if the stone is ordinary. I like how you spelled out the options. Thank you!

It is a little on the high end, but that is a decision you need to make for yourself. If you love it and wear it daily it is priceless. The difference is just seeing a lot of both stones.

photoshopped the ring in for lifelike side by side comparison.

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I think it’s a lovely ring and a very pretty stone. I’m always partial to leaving an item as close to the artist originally intended it as possible. I get things repaired when necessary, or resized, but I’ve never had something reworked into something else. I do get rings resized a lot though, and that’s definitely an option here if you decide you love it and you have to have it. Make sure to use a jeweler who regularly works with turquoise and NA jewelry; send it to the southwest if you can’t find anyone local. Another option is to pad the inside of it with Dr. Scholls moleskin. I have a ring that I did this all the way around, and two layers in some places, and I was able to take it down quite a few sizes.

I wouldn’t alter it (turn it into something else). I’d consider sizing down but the jeweler would have to know what they’re doing.

You might get some good mileage with the moleskin or some other ring guard; they’re inexpensive and work well.

Price seems high but it’s beautiful! Agree with @Jason that if it’s THE piece for you personally, then it’s worth it. Maybe you could get a lower price if you pay cash or trade in something else.

This is the course I would take. I read in one of my books that Native Americans typically do not resize rings, because the many rings are passed down in the family. A lot of them use a ring guard, so the ring is not being continuously resized by different family members. Resizing can also affect or change the original design of the shank.

Recently, my sister purchased a new, large, expensive ($500) Navajo ring and had a reputable jewelry make a custom ring guard for around $100. It turned out great and preserved the artist’s original ring design all the way around.


@TAH… I agree with you on altering the artist’s original vision, as well as my biggest worry is destroying the design of the shank! Most rings do not incorporate the shank as part of the design of the ring, but Native American jewelry does.

speaking of, I’ve got to go out and get some moleskin because I have the same problem right now!


NAVAJO Leon Martinez KINGMAN WaterWeb TURQUOISE Repousse | Etsy This is a cuff at about the same price. Just as an example,.

I just read this post due to the recent new response and then realized most of it is two years old. I am curious @Scdub, did you ever get the ring? Great piece even thought to me quite pricey.

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