Jewelry box

Hello! I love this group! I was wondering what everyone uses to store their large cuff bracelets. I’m getting a nice collection together but haven’t found anything appropriate? I’d love ideas - they are gorgeous all together - I like to just look at them even when not wearing :wink:


Somewhere in here someone started a thread with things they were using to store their jewelry. If I can find it I’ll do a link.

I myself haven’t been very creative. I keep most of my native jewelry in a fireproof safe box under my bed. I generally at least try to keep the store boxes they came in to separate them. Maybe someday I’ll get more creative, but I do like keeping them safe when I’m not wearing them.


Here is the link (hmmm at least I hope I did this right…).Wooden tool box repurposed as a jewelry box


Epiphany! I had found a wood box at a thrift in rough shape but it holds most
My cuff bracelets in the 12 squares. It was marked Bombay 1993. So I put that in an eBay search and it’s a teabag box! Now I’m looking thru tea bag boxes of all types to find one I can inexpensively use!


That’s pretty cool! It would be great if you could show us when you find it. Or maybe an Arbuckle coffee box…you see those a lot in old trading posts (I am a coffee drinker so there is that…)!

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you might try an amazon search for “wristwatch display” or “wristwatch case” for some interesting ideas, too!

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Here’s the beat-up box I found in a thrift store. The bracelets don’t stand up like that, I was just showing off.


Here’s what I found on eBay (tea bag box) for $30. It hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll have to put felt or foam squares inthe bottom. I hope they fit. I think it said 4” squares! I’ll post when it comes. It’s probably on a slow boat!


That’s a good idea. The sections would probably be a little larger and maybe rounded display stands. I’ll check! Thank you!

I got my tea box from eBay, I love it! It holds 24 bracelets and is wood with a beautiful ivory finish. Quite heavy! It was $30 and free shipping! I may put a little fiberfill under each bracelet or a piece of felt but they are ok for now. This is going to work out perfectly for me. I wear my cuffs more if they are easily accessible. I hope you are all having a nice day. It’s snowing here in the Yoop (upper peninsula of Michigan).


That’s a great idea, much prettier than my grey safe. Looks really nice!

And greetings from a neighbor to the south of your lovely state. I’m a Hoosier who lives in northern Indiana, but I have a brother in law who’s a yooper! He’s waaaaaay over in Houghton. I love MI, and we’re pretty lucky that we live in the Great Lake states - unsalted and shark free!

Also, lovely collection of cuffs!

A repurposed silver flatware box will have silver- cloth linings that will help keep your pieces from tarnishing. You can sometimes find them at coin shops where folks have scrapped out the flatware and left the box behind. You will have to do some DIY to reconfigure it to suit yourself. Pinterest has lots of ideas for repurposing silverware boxes. Box should be pretty cheap depending on condition. Also check consignment shops.


Oh, that a neat idea! Thank you!

@aunteeker For a low cost option (leaving more $ to spend on turquoise) I use pipe insulation, cut to length with a steak knife, to fit any size box (shoebox or decorative). It comes in three different widths (so you can choose one to best fit your cuff’s wrist size) and costs less than $2 for a 5’ length. It’s also squishable to slide cuffs on and off with a pinch. Here’s how I use it:


LOVE your cuffs!!

And very good idea. Most of my stuff is veeeery tightly fitted into a boring grey fireproof safe. Not very pretty but serves it’s purpose (I need another; overflow is filling a skinny dresser drawer).