Juan T. Singer?

I don’t normally go for chip inlay, but someone generously gifted me this pindant knowing that I collect Native American jewelry. I kind of like it though; it seems to be pretty well done chip inlay, and I think the little hogan and Mesa are cute. Hougarts only has one entry listed for JTS—Juan T. Singer, and since he did chip inlay I figure it’s a match. Anyone have any more info on him? Ideas on how old this is? I’m thinking 80’s-90’s, but that’s just a guess.


I really like that one, it somehow seems kind of soothing.

I found this, it’s from:

Very cool! To my eye, the hogan’s backdrop might be meant to look like Shiprock.

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Thanks! Yes, I have that reference too, but unfortunately it doesn’t really give much info other than that he was active pre 1989-?

He was also briefly mentioned in this old thread on chip inlay:

Oh yeah! It does kind of look like Shiprock–that’s cool.