Lander blue turquoise scam

Since we’ve been talking about Lander Blue turquoise, I wanted to try to post this link (it’s giving me trouble) that I found when I was looking stuff up. They’re claiming to have Lander Blue for sale (at ridiculously low prices of course). But when you look through it, they appear to have lifted the photos directly from other online sites. I recognize a ring from the Durango Silver site, and I think one from the Perry Null site (among others). Disgusting.

Edit: I deleted the link to the site in case it would cause problems on anyone’s phone, laptop, etc. it didn’t realize that when I first linked it.


@Ziacat And, the magic price is… drum roll please…$37.88! Or, is it $38.88. That whole thing is kinda creepy. Red flags all over the place.

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That’s exactly what I thought. When you Google Lander Blue you find oodles of falsely (intentionally or unintentionally) labeled turquoise, but this one takes the cake. I wonder if it’s a scam to get people’s personal info or to just take their dollars.

I think one of the photos is the one Steve just posted on another thread.

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That link’s top level domain’s country code is Tokelau – the .tk domain page on Wikipedia makes for some interesting reading. Furthermore, their About Us page mentions a business whose site’s country code (.mom) is Mauritania. That address in turn yields a 404 Not Found.

As fishy as a coral atoll.


It’s really weird. When you click on the items it even says something like, “Perry Null,” or “Waddell Galleries.” Then the reviews are about clothing or slippers or something. Bizarre. I guess someone from an overseas company assumes that people are that gullible. Guess a lot of people are.

fishing site, suggest avoid


But it’s Lander Blue man!!! :crazy_face:

You can also buy a question for…you got it…only $37.88 :rofl:


Is it the question you’re buying, or the answer you’re buying? I would say that makes a difference on price.

No, just the questions…answers sold separately! :wink:


There are many scams about lander blue. That said, I obtained genuine lander blue recently and was also scammed recently but Part of the fun is the hunt and every miner looking for a turquoise over the past many hundreds of years has had the same bug and hope for treasure, so let’s have a little more levity :gem:

Every time I look at this topic, I get a pop up from my virus, etc., software saying the web page in the initial post has been blocked as a fake selling page.
Kudos to AVG.

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That’s good! My phone doesn’t do that. I Googled the site in general, and it apparently has a lot of fake stuff fooling a lot of people.

We have a lot of fun on this forum, but we definitely try to be accurate. And I don’t find it humorous that almost everything claiming to be Lander Blue online is not.