Looking for info, opinions on this piece

Hi all. This is a piece that was purchased from a Navajo woman at Four Corners 15 or 20 years ago. I am looking for honest input, opinions so I have a good idea of what it is and is not :wink: As always, all input welcome, I won’t be surprised either way!

Hi @tepowell. Several things about your piece indicate it is not Zuni, and is not Native American. This type of “stacked” fetish necklace is not NA, and the clasp is also not the type used in NA jewelry. Also I doubt If the fetishes are real turquoise…multiple pieces all the same color are a red flag. These may be block or even plastic. Interestingly I googled stacked turquoise fetish necklace and found one with the exact same fetishes as yours. It is strung differently with a neck wrap, but otherwise very similar. Individuals likely purchased these fetishes in bulk, then created the necklaces. There’s likely a lot of these out there. The eBay listing calls this a Zuni piece using natural turquoise…just plain wrong and deceiving!
Hope this helps, Here’s a link to the eBay page:


Thanks for that info! I saw a few others online that had extravagant claims as well. That is quite a price on that ebay listing !

I was certain it wasn’t Zuni, and figure it’s a piece that someone put together from purchased parts of likely non native origin, and then sold, in this case, by NA individuals.


Ebay posting something wrong and deceiving :thinking:? Imagine that :laughing: