Mary C Lovato

I read on a different site recently that Mary Lovato had passed away. I couldn’t find a lot of info, but found this on the Garlands site. Sad to loose another great artist.

Many years ago, my mom bought a necklace from her at the Eiteljorg Indian Art Market (at least 15 years ago, maybe 20 - there is no date on the receipt). At the time I didn’t really know much about artists, but mom loved the necklace, and passed it on to me. It’s not one of her inlay pieces, and it’s somewhat simple, but beautiful.

I often wear it plain or with other necklaces, but it matches my Saguaro pendant perfectly.

Does anyone else have any of her pieces they’d like to share?


I’d read that she passed, too. Your necklace is so beautiful! Stacks so well. Very sad to lose these matriarchs and patriarchs of our beloved jewelry.

I have earrings and a pendant of hers that I’ll try to get decent photos of to share.


My treasured Mary Lovato items. I’ve had the earrings a long time, while the pendant is from 2020. Red coral, abalone, and turquoise.

The hand is one of her key images, as many people know. As you see, it’s drilled to hang asymmetrically, and mine has the unusual feature of being set in brass instead of sterling, which I just love about it. The metal color imparts a special touch.



So beautiful. I like the brass also. It looks really nice on the leather cord.


@chicfarmer , those are really amazing pieces, the hand especially. I too love how it looks with the brass. And the design on the back (sun and corn plant?) is charming. Does that often feature on her jewellery?


@chamekke Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: MCL etched her initials and the year on the reverse of my earrings, and possibly a couple of leaves, but honestly it’s not legible enough to count as decoration.

Here’s a bolo at Garland’s with a little corn plant on the back:

@Ziacat I do like the simple effect of the untreated leather cord. I also have a green suede string for it.


Great earrings and great hand pendant. Years ago I had one of her hand pins. I loved it, but didn’t wear it because it was so heavy & awkward. I eventually sold it or traded…wish I had converted it to a pendant. I believe I bought a shell overlay pendant from her around 2020-2021 at the Heard show. I’m wondering now if it was her last show.


Such a beautiful necklace by Mary, unique & heafty! I like how you wear it with your Saguaro :cactus: pendant! Perfect pairing, thank you for sharing them both!

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These just arrived. I adore them, the beauty and work involved. I got a good deal. They are unsigned but look like the work of Martine Lovato. Does he have any relation to Mary Lovato?


Nice earrings! Very interesting design. I can’t find that they are related.

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