Massive fetish necklace?

Hey y’all! I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back!

I recently bought this fetish necklace that I have too many questions about. Is is authentic? Is it Zuni because of the carved birds? or Santo Domingo because of the Heishe? The birds range from 1 to 2 inches each. Age? Type of turquoise?


Welcome back! I noticed that I hadn’t seen anything from you for a long time.

Glad to see you’re back. Your finds are great and I enjoy your posts they are always so informative.


Welcome back! I never thought to ask if it was Santo Domingo, interesting? I think of this as being Zuni and being really nice. It looks like it has some age, possibly 1970s. You usually do identifying by style of carving. We get some big birds from Dinah Gasper but she has a different style. You are going to have to go through some old books.

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I have one extremely similar I have had some people say it is real and some here say it is not so I don’t know same size birds and looks to be the same maker. Where did you find it?

Did you find anything more out about yours?

some more info found here


Thanks @Steve! Helpful as always.

I don’t think anyone here so far said that it wasn’t native made, although I don’t know for sure that it is, simply because fetish necklaces are a very often copied and imported. I know little about them though, because they are not my thing; so I don’t have an answer about the maker of yours. I think the comments were that we wondered if it was Chinese turquoise. That wouldn’t necessarily mean it’s not native made.

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copy that thank you @Ziacat some confusion there on my part. several of the fetshes have the same coloration and matrix as the one above as are the curbs and feather markings the string and knots are identical I would putt money on the same maker or shop still trying to work out mine @Bigbree43 any thing you know might help.

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