More help needed with hallmarks

Here are a few more pieces I’m needing help with.
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Della and Presley Curley could be the name for the bracelet, the styles match when you do a google search. The other I couldn’t find anything. I did come across the name Rinnie Leyba in Hougart’s book, the hallmark doesn’t match but those can change, just he is known for crosses and is an RL. Maybe see if you can find something on this artist.

Awesome. Thanks Jason. I just purchased Gregory Schaaf’s books of artist biographies. I was a little disappointed to see that there are not many hallmarks in the back of the books which makes identifying them difficult. I’d have to search every page to find a match. Wondering if you can recommend other books that list mostly hallmarks. I have “hallmarks of the Southwest” which has been the most help. Do you know of a book that’s similar to that?
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Billie Hougart’s “Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks” is the go to for Native American hallmark identification.


Do you think the 4th addition has a lot more hallmarks than earlier additions?

I have the third and fourth editions. I think the forward to the fourth addition says there have been something like 150 hallmarks added? Which considering how many hallmarks are in the book total I don’t think is a ton. I would say try to get either the third or fourth addition and between the two it probably doesn’t make a ton of difference. @Chaparral compares and contrasts the two additions on this thread, which you might also find helpful for other book recommendations:

Thanks so much for the info!

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Further to this (4-year-old) conversatoin, @OrbitOrange , may I ask you if you have Hougart’s fifth edition - and if so, how different is it from the fourth?

I have the fourth as I was able to buy it through Amazon. I had hoped to buy the fifth, but disappointingly the Hougart site folks don’t ship outside the U.S.A. (I’m in Canada), and I couldn’t find it available anywhere else online. My hope is that it’ll be made available someday as an e-book.

I don’t have the fifth edition. I keep thinking I should buy it but so far haven’t been able to bring myself to fork out again for what would be my third copy and edition of the book.

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