My dads ring need identify it has a KS inside


Welcome to the forum, Tflenory! What kind of info are you looking for? If you can share a clear pic of the back/inside of the ring, that will help, especially if you are wanting to ID a specific maker. Lots of hallmarks can be very similar, and it helps to actually see it, along with the construction style and overall appearance.


Okay ill send a picture of inside it has letters KS in side

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Her is the inside of the ring with Initials

The off set KS is an early hallmark for Kirk Smith. He was not the only one using that two initial hallmark but yours is similar to one of my Kirk Smith pieces. Below is a write up on him on Perry Null

This doesn’t look like Kirk Smith’s hallmark to me, or his work, which I’ve owned from both his early and later career. Hopefully we’ll hear from @Jason.

I did go back and look at some of the postings on this forum. He does have an off set KS as noted in postings. But you are correct the K is above the S on these pieces and this rings hallmark is opposite. Good catch. Do show us your Kirk Smith pieces. I would love to see them.

Thanks everyone for helping me