Native American? Design

Appears to have turquoise, coral and a blue stone. No marks

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Looks Mexican to me.

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Thanks! For the info

I think the dark blue stone is lapis lazuli, by the way. Hard to be 100% sure as it’s not entirely in focus, but I think I see some flecks of pyrite, which is often found in lapis.

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Sterling? By chance?

Thank you! :grinning: very my

You’d need to have it tested if it’s not marked.

Is there an easy at home way to do that? Is the magnet test doable?

Yes, there are sets available that have a little rubbing stone and some ‘testwater’ (don’t know the English term for that). You can carefully scratch an inconspicuous bit of the metal onto the rubbing stone, then put a drip of the testwater on it and you will have a result within seconds. It’s based on a color chart.
The testwater is dangerous acidic stuff though, so you’ll need to handle that with care, but the bottle has a precise little pipet.


What you’re describing is a Nitric Acid test, @Bluegreen. Hadn’t heard the term “Testwater”. Learned a new Dutch word today!


Haha, i altered it a little so it would make more sense in English, it’s actually called ‘toetswater’


One of those many cases where English, Dutch, and German are (nearly) mutually intelligible.

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