Need help ID this makers mark

Hi everyone! I need help ID this hallmark and overall value would be very appreciated. Thanks!!! 171 grams!


What a great bracelet. I have searched through the hallmark books I have and come up empty. Value could be changed on determining the maker. If we valued the cuff just on age, turquoise and craftsmanship without any artist I would guess you would see this around $900.


Awesome Jason, thank you for the information.

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Well, well. I’ve been waiting over 5 years for another piece to pop up with this mystery hallmark hoping someone would be able to positively identify it. Here is my thread from 2017: Link. Jason speculated it might be a “shop mark”. Photobucket links are no longer active, so here are a few new photos of my buckle, obviously done in Leekya style.


google image search returned a bunch of clocks < click

this version gave some better hits but no winners < click


I remember that buckle from your post. LOVE it.

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Lovely buckle TAH! Yours and mine sure have the Leekya style. In my opinion, after seeing both, is that if anybody knows anything about the mystery hallmark is the Robert Leekya himself, he might know. What do you think? Hopefully somebody knows him and is able to ask him. I wish I could.

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Sadly, Robert Leekya passed away in 2019.

Sorry, I didn’t know :pensive:

Sort of looks like a cattle brand to me. Circle Vee Bar.