Need help identifying a Pendant I bought

Any help is so much appreciated. I think its Navajo, and is hallmarked with a DB under a broken arrow. The seller said the turquiose was from the tortoise mine in Nevada, I payed $256 for it. Just wondered if anybody recognized the hallmarks

Thanks for your help.


You guys I just did a reverse google image of the the DB hallmark and this popped up in the images.

This pendant looks exactly like mine although mine has one extra bullhorn on the front and weighs 41 grams.

I feel like such a dum dum, and should have did this myself.


I had never even heard of The tortoise mine until Jason put this link in yesterday for someone else’s post.


Oh yeah. Neither have I. Its very beautiful turquoise though i love it, wear that pendant almost everyday, thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:


It’s lovely, I would wear it too! It looks like the bail is nice and wide; you could even put it on a small string of hieshi to mix it up.


Thank you! Thats a really good idea! Im gonna try it!

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Sometimes I even put two together (the same length) if they fit.


from Hougart

your mark not found


Agree with @Steve, the only thing I could find online that claimed that the DB with the broken Arrow over it was Darrell Brown, was the one you posted from ebay. Every place else it’s just a DB. So yours may be by another artist. I don’t rely on eBay alone to figure out a mark. There’s a lot of things mislabeled on there.


And there’s a Dean Brown out there, too. Often it helps to cross check with the style of the supposed artist, which quickly can knock out gross errors in attribution.


Welcome to Turquoise People! I immediately processed DB and an arrow and thought Darryl Becenti. However, I looked that up and it is a D with a straight arrow and not exactly his style.


Thanks everyone for the welcome! I guess at this point its an unknown hallmark, :slight_smile:

Okay so, i typed in Dean Brown and wahlah. Same mark, however I dont know what to believe. Its the last picture that shows the mark.

Definitely makes it interesting, LOL

Another example of sellers making things up or masking the true origin. Dean Brown’s hallmark is not this.

The pattern of seeing this hallmark on such pendants with mass-produced settings is, at least to me, pointing to import origin. When you’re buying online by eye only, there are a lot of pitfalls out there.


Oh no I get it. I dont think im at the point of thinking its a mass produced item just quite yet, im gonna do some more investigating but the piece i have is well made. And the turquoise is pretty nice

But point taken

from the link above
yes the jewelry appears well made
but…and it’s a BIG BUT,
is it really a Navajo Native American Pendant made by YGTS based in the UK and founded in 1995?

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K, this site is kind of weird. It seems to be a mix of what they’re calling Native American pieces (and of course they throw around the term old pawn a lot), and then their own stuff.
But heck, I think I really need one of these to replace my Native American wedding band :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure what I would have engraved on the inside…“who ya gonna call” maybe? :laughing:

Well yes that website does sell their own fabrications and what appears to be authentic native american jewelry, but does that mean its all fraudulent?

A couple of things, I live in Arizona and maybe its because I live here I see tons, and tons of native jewelry. Could be because its just the area, but what would be the motivation for faking it, if there is tons of it on the market?

I know good pieces of turquoises are rare and people like to hype mine names and such but it really doesnt make any sense to me to put a really nice piece of turquoise into a mass produced piece. To me it seems if the piece was fabricated around the stone it doesnt overtly scream mass production

Just my thoughts, i persoanlly think you have to be more careful buying loose stones than jewelry

Not to take this thread too far afield, when I referred to “mass-produced settings” I was talking about the reliance on jewelry supply stores for commercially available settings for stones in jewelry sold as Native American or NA style. These are sold to anyone, Native and non-Native, accounting for why one can see the same ring or pendant framing in dozens or hundreds of pieces. One outfit in AZ offers these, for example:

The prevalence of fakery/imports/non-Native jewelry on the market, including in the Southwest, is discussed elsewhere, so hopefully you can read around the forum for more info on that.


Okay, but I dunno. Everytime ive ever purchased a piece umm whether it be from a pawn shop, jewelery store, or heck in Sedona theres a bunch of natives that just sell their stuff on the side of the road, i just dont think I have ever run into a fake piece of indian jewelry. I have however run into fake turquoise, and native americans selling fake turquiose which is why im super weary about buying lose stones

Not saying it doesnt happen but it just hasnt been my experiance