Opinions on great old turquoise jewelry

I know we all have great old pieces of jewelry but are not sure of the turquoise. I thought it would be fun to post these pieces and open up discussion about the turquoise.
I’ll go first… this bracelet is set with a vintage turquoise cab that I removed from a horrid old setting. Fortunately, I had this bracelet that accepted the cab perfectly. I still have the cab I removed, but it’s poor quality.
The ring is by Sam Piaso, probably in the 70’s.
I have my own opinion about the turquoise, but would love opinions.


My opinion is those are very beautiful pieces! :slightly_smiling_face:


Could it be Blue Gem? I don’t really know a lot about it, except I posted a pin/pendant wondering about the turquoise, and mmrogers thought it could be Blue Gem. These remind me of the stones in my pendant. But I am completely and totally guessing!

Agree with Tah; love them.


@TAH @Ziacat, thanks to both of you…Blue Gem was my thought too. I have a other Blue Gem pieces and have always loved the depth of color and glow they have. The picture does not do them justice. Hope to see other Blue Gem or other older turquoise pieces.


Beautiful cuff. Jason helped ID mine as Blue Gem 1950”s


@Currada, Beautiful cuff! Especially the gemmy turquoise. Yours makes me also think of Royston, glad Jason identified it… The varied blue green and gold matrix in Blue Gem is so gorgeous. I recently purchased an older ring with Blue Gem; it also has the lighter gold matrix:


Such beautiful pieces that you both have!
So here is what I believe to be my oldest piece of jewelry.

I bought it in Old Town ABQ at the Hanging Tree Gallery which has since closed (why do so many of my fav places close :weary:). The owner, Reggie Sawyer, was elderly when we were last there in 2005. He wrote “old Fred Harvey” on the receipt. I don’t know what the turquoise is…maybe Cerrillos?


Everyone’s pieces are beautiful!!!

I think this might be one of my oldest pieces, it’s inscribed “Betty 38” inside. I don’t wear it as it has a loose stone.


@Ziacat, Wonderful old bracelet! Don’t you love the variation on the turquoise color, and the stamping! So nice that you remember the details of when it was purchased. I documented and remember some of my more special pieces, but wish I had kept a log of everything!


@TaraFawn75, likely yours is the oldest so far…great old “survivor!” Maybe Betty was the original owner. Fun to wonder about some of the info inscribed on these old pieces. Great old piece to have in a collection!


oh wowsers! great bracelet! i think i bought one of my older pieces at Hanging Tree too! it’s a ring, about the size of a half dollar. We were in ABQ a few weeks ago and i was sad to see a lot of the older galleries were gone. :frowning: We didn’t see any vintage jewelry at all in old town, or maybe we didn’t look hard enough.


@Jemez2 wozza again! That’s some ring… love the design!


Oh I love that ring! Looks like a mini Navajo basket. Wasn’t that a wonderful little gallery? The owner loved to talk. He told me the cuff was from the 30’s. I don’t know, but he was very knowledgeable and (according to my trusty Trading Post Guidebook) sold mostly older things of all sorts, including old Santa Fe and Taos paintings, wish I could have bought one of those. One year we also bought a beautiful Santo Domingo pot.

Have you been in Cowboys and Indians Antiques on Central? That is now one of my favorites. It’s like a little museum. I bought a sandcast cuff there last summer.


@Ziacat Cowboys and Indians is my fav place to shop for jewelry in Albuquerque


i DO know about C&I!! they are almost like a museum - such a stunning collection of artifacts of just about anything you could want to collect. we drove past them several times on this trip and i kick myself we didn’t stop.


Oh my gosh these are all beautiful,I have this ring but do not know a lot about it,I was told it could be old but information in the uk is not always correct


Very beautiful pieces!!!

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Pretty stone, maybe Kingman? No clue on age.

Way back in the 90s I stopped in there, but really didn’t have the money to buy anything then. I always said I’d go back, and finally got to last summer. My trusty Trading Post Guidebook says it’s one of their very favorite shops in ABQ.

Maybe someday we’ll all be out there at the same time and can shop together! :grin: