Perry Null Trading Repairs

Folks I just had to share this with everyone! I have just received back a lot of goodies that I had posted to Perry Null for repairs, stone replacements and modifications. Not only am I completely satisfied with the work, but the cost of this work is going down as the most competitive in the business!! I will be having more work done at Perry Null in the future and suggest that all of you out there that have a bucket or drawer full of jewelry with missing stones or broken parts; contact them. The prices are very reasonable and the turnaround time is very good as well. Thanks Jason and everyone that makes up Perry Null Trading!!


Thanks, glad everything is to your liking.


Thanks for posting this. I have been bypassing some great items because of not know who to use for repairs.


Ditto on the recommendation on using Perry Null for repairs. Jason’s estimate was right in the money, the repairs were perfect and the cost more than reasonable


Hi Jason, I recently purchased two items for what I believe to be a good price due to some damage(missing turquoise) I’d like to send to Perry Null for repairs. Can I send you some photos? Could you let me know approximately how much it would cost or if it’s worth fixing it all? Thanks

Me too! I saw this beautiful cluster ring missing a stone, In my head I was thinking if I could find a stone and color it with sharpie, some gorilla glue-good as new! Just kidding Lol

I snagged two beauties yesterday that need some TLC because I remember reading Christibos post about Perry Nulls repairs. I would’ve passed on them because I live in Amish country and I know I won’t be able to find anyone local to fix. I’m pumped up about sending these out & getting restored to their former glory!

Thanks to Christibo for the post :blush: