Purple stones, is it sugilite?

Purchased this via an online auction awhile back and probably paid way too much because I love purple! I was never sure of what stone(s) this may be. Do y’all think this is different shades of sugilite, purple spiny oyster, or what else it might be? It does not have any of the swirling like inclusions seen in charoite. Also, what kind of value would you put on this little bracelet? The back is only marked with what looks like it was scratched in a “WJS” “zuni” and what looks like “60 88” Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to provide!


Love your bracelet. Remembered there was a thread on this awhile back. Hope it helps.

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Thank you. I’m not sure if that helped or not. I have another piece with sugilite and I knew it was a much more vibrant purple. Yet these purples don’t quite look like any purple spiny I’ve ever seen. I’ve always thought spiny was a bit more of a reddish purple than what this appears to be. But for now, I guess that’s what it is leaning to unless it could maybe be something entirely different that was dyed to purple? I just recently read and learned that sometimes onyx is dyed green and purple!