Real or not? Concho and bench / tubular bead necklace

Advice for necklace I bought @online auction for $170? Advertised to be a vintage Navajo sterling bench and tubular bead necklace on chain, with small turquoise inset on concho pendant. Total weight is 2.34 oz, necklace length about 33". Unsigned, but rear of concho suggests ingot or coin forged? Am very uncertain about that assessment, as I only learned about that idea on this site. I have not tested for silver content, but tarnish is easily removed with silver cloth. Any help with age, whether Navajo or other, and whether I got value for this piece (which I am warming up to a great deal) would be very welcome. Newcomer to posting and thanks very much.


It gets that mark on the back because the silversmith uses a tool to give it the dome and hammers the silver into shape. This would be a contemporary piece can would call this Navajo and feel that you paid a a fair price.


Yep, those are simply marks/indents from stamping & doming on a steel block that weren’t cleaned up.

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This is a very attractive piece, useable, wearable and priced fairly. Is the bail on the concho open or soldered down? It appears that the balance of the beads are strung on coated wire or uncoated, couldn’t tell, but also shows small linked chain - I’d keep an eye on that as sometimes the weight can wear through a tiny chain. Just my humble opinion.

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The concho bail is not soldered (can be removed from beads) and the entire piece is linked chain. Should this be eventually restrung to coated wire? Does it matter other than security? Thanks for tip.

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To me, just a security measure. I always err toward side of caution with pieces that are long with a pendant hanging but that’s just me.