Real Southwest?

I just bought this at auction…wasn’t too much. I liked the black stones…reminded me of Santa Clara pottery. The various Pearl/bench beads were interesting. Is this original SW, Native American?

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You never know without having the artist information, but it definitely has the feel of it.

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Does anyone know what the black stones are made of? Clay? Buffalo horn?

Could they be etched obsidian?

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That was another option. I bought on line and haven’t received the necklace yet.

they almost look like acid-etched glass beads, to look like black on black pottery. i do see what looks like a couple of black glass lampwork beads, with the goldish color swirls in them, and what looks like snowflake obsidian possibly, mounted in that stamped silver piece in the foreground of the first picture. it’s got a great look to the piece overall, mixed with bench, fluted, barrel, and saucer beads.

I’ve seen high-end things like this on etsy before, but i wouldnt assume it is native american. there are a number of very talented silversmiths and bead artists who produce beautiful works like this from their extensive collections. it’s beautiful and very wearable as a piece of artistic jewelry!


This was helpful. Thanks. You know your beads!

I dug a little deeper into acid etched glass beads and this 13 minute demo video showed the process for a positive etched design on glass.

so these beads would be the negative etch variety

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Interesting. So they put the design on the stone and used etching cream. That was informative…but seemed tedious to do it on the mug :grin:

I do acid etching on polished rock slabs and glassware.
It is pretty easy and lots of fun.
The hardest part is making sure the rocks will actually etch. Some will not.
My daughter makes the stencils with her Circut.

Here are some Yellow India Agates with horses.


Here is an etched mug with the logo of where I work.

The etching acid is a cream, so it stays in place pretty well.


I don’t know if it’s Native but certainly unique and beautiful.

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