Ok so I tried to research this pendant and found several RHOSKIES! I could not find this mark though-also I was told the stone is either Gaspeite? or Turquoise-More ppl say Turquoise but I have never had a lime green one and no idea where it could have come from -any help is appreciated!

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Randy Hoskie


I see you said you found several, my apologies.

Ok Where did you find this info?? I am planning to visit the library today cuz I have some marks I cant find like with the little dangle barrel earrings…clearly marked but I have no idea who!

what would you say the stone is And where did it come from??

I do believe these to be 1990’s because in 93 they were trying to go back to the Dine instead of Navajo title…and I believe he started signing his jewelry as such at that point. At least that is what I read on Dine. (On the pendant I mean not these earrings!)

Orange spiny oyster I believe is the stone, I can’t find an FA conjoined with an arrow through it, but found these in Barton Wright’s book “Hallmarks of the Southwest”. The first post was from Bille Hougart’s 4th Edition of “Native American and Southwestern silver Hallmarks”.

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Yes I have inspected the stone and it is definitely spiny oyster…Do you think these are Navajo?? Because of stamp I do…Can u flip the symbol and make the arrow go the other way? Not sure which way is up But different initials I think

Definitely in search of good Hallmarking books and info on Turquoise as well! Will see if my Library carries these! Thank you!

I did test these and they are Sterling

The Barton Wright Book is several years old now, the Bille Hougart book came out less than a year ago.

very kewl I wrote them down to take with me any other suggestions??


Then there is this thread on the subject.

Books on Southwest Indian Jewelry?

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YOU ARE DA MAN! Thanks Jeff! ;)~

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