I have identified a silversmith…listed in the hallmark book but I know nothing about him. Schaff’s books are expensive…are they worth it or is there a less expensive resource for research.


I currently have six or seven resource books including Schaffs. I must say that for newer work I tend to use Hougart;s book more. Schaff’s are a bit dated now. There are also a plethora of online sites and lists. I guess to justify the cost of these books would depend on how much stuff you go through. I do find that for older or larger pieces that I am selling, it is a very good selling point to be able to identify the Silversmith. If you have a name that you would like looked up in Schaff’s let me know and I can get what information I can find to you.


Thank you so much. One silversmith is Lyman Nasawytewa - Hopi
the other one is D&B Quam - Zuni


here you go. Nothing for Quam with those initials. Might be a younger generation. I will look in hougart’s when I get home.


I think you might find this thread interesting as it lists the Quam you are after…