Squash Blossom From a New Guy

Hi, As I said a couple of days ago here is one item that I personally like. I’ve learned a bit about jewelry but if I use a wrong word , feel free to correct me.

This item is a squash blossom necklace , it appears to be silver with chip inlay with turquoise and coral. Looks to about 15" long. The clasp end is closed off by metal/silver? not string. There are no Hallmarks or markings that I could see. This item has been sitting in an estate for about 30 or 40 years? My father in law is from Arizona, just south of Flagstaff. As an aside, He was aquainted with the fellow who is credited with taking the idea for navajo code talkers to the military during WWII, interesting story. Anyway, i’ve included some photos. Hopefully they’ll be clear.

I know, tough to I.D. without a Hallmark but I was told, a lot of them didn’t have them awhile back.
Your help would be appreciated with the what, where and when and of course what it might be worth. Thanks in advance.


peyote bird squash blossom necklace


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I for got to add the matching earrings and bracelet

Thanks Steve for responding. Any idea how old or where this might originally be from?

Very nice. Thomas Singer is credited with being the first to use this chip inlay style in the 1970s. I like the color of your stones. https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/listing/660886175/peyote-bird-squash-blossom-necklace-w

Thanks Jason. I’ve heard the name Thomas Singer.

Does the “set” matter for collecting and/or selling? necklace, earrings , bracelet ?

Just another necklace a it different. Your thoughts , opinions appraisal is appreciated

ABSOLUTELY! in my opinion. a big plu$

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$75 - $90 on the fetish necklace

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some excellent reading about fetish necklaces can be found in the link below.


Very Good , thanks on the fetish necklace. Is this necklace also called “heishi” ?

Got on the set. I’ll take a look at the link. Thanks Steve

I saw that and have it book marked. Thanks on the link.

Heishe are tube (or disc) shaped beads that are ground smooth on stone. The turquoise beads on your necklace would be considered heishe. Often it is made from shell and can be made from other stones besides turquoise as well. The fetishes are the carved birds (or other animals). So your necklace could be described as turquoise heishe with bird fetishes.


I have a couple of these, different colors. I’ll recheck them. Thanks