Squash blossom i got from my grandmother

This squash blossom necklace came from my grandmother, who got it from her aunt. That is all i know about it, aside from the fact her aunt passed away in the 70’s. I can’t find a mark anywhere. Just wondering what I have.


I can’t speak to the age of this (I would assume Navajo made), or if the the beads are handmade. We’ve had numerous discussions on here about that, and I still get confused. But I do know I really like the stones. Am I seeing chunks of pyrite in a couple of those, especially on the naja?

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Some of them do have a different coloration. Not sure if different stone or just variation in turquoise. Thanks :slight_smile:

I asked because pyrite in a stone can possibly indicate which mine the turquoise came from. I didn’t mean the stones are from different mines, just trying to figure out what mine possibly your turquoise came from. Although without provenance it is always an educated guess about that.

What I circled seems to be silvery and metallic looking (pyrite), but I can’t tell for sure if that’s the case.

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I will try to get a better picture; I did it a bit rushed. Will post tomorrow :slight_smile:

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More close ups of the stones. There are some metallic looking spots in most of tge turquoise pieces.


@keekernabeeker I really like your squash blosssom necklace. My guess would be it’s from the 1970s. Thanks for posting additional photos. I agree with @Ziacat that some stones appear to have pyrite in them. In the middle photo below, it looks like at least one stone (maybe more) has quartz in it. (Though that could be a different mineral.)

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Yes, does look some pyrite. So I think that may indicate either the Kingman or Morenci mine. I’m wondering if the beads in your squash are handmade, but I really hope someone more knowledgeable jumps in. I get confused on this sometimes. Here are a couple links to other threads on Navajo pearls (which is what these silver beads are called. Understanding Navajo Pearls?
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