Thanks Perry Null Trading for fixing my earrings

Bought a pair of earrings that needed a little love. Sent them to Perry Null Trading after getting a nice repair quote. They just arrived back (reset loose stone and switched them from clip-on to pierced posts) ~ very happy!


Oooh! They are pretty earrings. What a great idea! I have a beautiful pair of turquoise screw backs I wonder if I could get post on them.
I also had some repairs done at Perry Null -a cuff & cluster ring, They turned out so beautiful I almost cried when I open the box!

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Mine had the the clip style on them, I would’ve never worn them that way (pinchy, and I’d worry that they’d slip off), so I sent a bunch of photos to see if it was possible. I have a concho pair of my grandmothers that are clip also - but they’re not that fabulous enough to warrant the conversion. I may sell them as there are folks that still don’t have pierced ears (even our grandmother finally got hers pierced).

Those are beautiful earrings-- a nice size and so well balanced!

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