The piece that started it all?

What was the first turquoise you ever bought? Where did you buy it? Do you still have/wear it?

1990, tourist trap in Cherokee NC, yes but not often.


This ring has such strong memories for me!! I bought it on my first road trip that I took in my first truck, out to NC to help a friend move back to MO. wore it every day until i got married, then replaced it with a turquoise wedding ring. :heart_eyes:


I was around 11 or 12 years old (early 70s) and we always were vacationing in Monument Valley at a Best Western in Kayenta, AZ. They had a little store and I fell in love with a bracelet. My dad agreed to give me my lawn mowing money so I could buy it—$13.00. Still one of my favorites!! That was the start of my collection which has just grown from there.


That’s so sweet!! Beautiful bracelet, and a special memory.

I guess my first piece was actually a turquoise chip butterfly ring that I lost when I was about 10. My mother refused to buy me jewelry after that, so it was a big deal to finally have a tiny bit of money to buy a turquoise ring of my own. I love the stories of our personal connections to the things we collect!! Even for modest amateurs like me, we still love our treasures!


What a fun thread to revive!

The first piece is this horse necklace my parents got me when I was 6 or 7; it came from Tweetsie Railroad (amusement park) or some other tourist trap in the NC mountains. Not real silver and may or may not be actual turquoise chips but looks pretty good for almost 40 years old. It was a favorite thing of mine throughout my childhood and I’m glad I still have it.

This cuff kicked off the adult revival…bought it at a shop in Yellowstone National Park and was a pawn piece from Gallup, NM…still had its pawn tag! The color is off in this picture but I liked the array of shades of blue.