This bracelet belonged to my mother. I believe it to be circa mid to late 70s. Any help with identifying the type and hallmark would be greatly appreciated

This is an example of S Dixon’s work (I think?), with the hallmark (from back) in the upper right corner:

It would not surprise me to find out it’s not S Dixon.
The reason I said, “I think?” is because of the Singer family…

William Singer, the brother of Charlie, Jackie and the late Tommy Singer, has used various hallmarks since 1972: SD (both side by side and offset as below), SDX, SDXX, SDV, S/D, all variations of the Singer-Dodge family shop hallmark.
Some of William’s hallmarks:

As you can see, he used many variations of S D (Singer-Dodge)

Some of Charlie Singer’s work (& his hallmark):

I can’t find anything with a G after the S D to attribute to either S Dixon, William Singer or Charlie, but if I went by that hallmark alone, I would say it was another variation of William Singer’s.

It’s a beautiful piece! It might help someone else to see the whole thing, they might recognize the style with the flowers & twisted rope, etc.
I feel I have no idea! Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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I think this is by William Singer. At least partly! I’m going by the third picture. The scored marks on the silver look like other such “sketchy” marks that Singer makes, usually in the tails of his peyote birds. I’m not home right now, so I can’t lay my hands on my own William Singer ring, but if I could, I’d post a close-up photograph of the tail and you’d see what I mean.

The part of the bracelet that I don’t know as much about is the applied flowers and rope twists around the stones in the “split open” portion. I don’t know what William Singer’s non-chip-inlay work looked like. But if you do some searches online you may be able to compare it.

Edited to Add: Some pieces are collaborative work. That’s why I’m vouching for part but not all of this piece. It’s entirely possible, even probable, that Singer made the whole bracelet, but since I don’t know his other work, I’m stopping short of guessing that because I don’t know his other work.