This stone puzzles me

I bought this ring about 30 years ago in Jackson Hole, and was told it’s turquoise (it is Navajo and hallmarked). But…hmmmm…
Has anyone here seen turquoise like this?


This might be a little better picture; don’t have a great camera with this phone.


I’m thinking varicite, but will wait to see what others think as well. Cool ring.


Thanks! I’ve always thought it didn’t look like any turquoise I’ve seen. Then I saw some pictures of New Lander that looked a little bit like it. But I doubt it.

I don’t wear it as much now because it’s gotten a little tight, from my knuckles probably getting a little bit bigger as I get older, darn it. But I think I’ll start wearing it again!

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Damele? that produces similar turquoise and variscite, i think. thats what the little minty green nodules remind me of, but idk. Damele Turquoise Mine –


Here is another picture of Damele that has characteristics of your stone.


Damele, I have occasionally heard of it, but didn’t know what it looked like; had never really run across it, and didn’t even think to Google it. Definitely reminds me of my stone more than anything else I’ve seen.

Generally when I buy Native American jewelry I’m not super concerned what mine the stone comes from. I just want legit and beautiful pieces that I personally love, but sometimes I know because the seller knows. But now that I found this site I’m getting a lot more curious about my stones that I don’t know much about.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your expertise!

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That Damele looks close. I believe Damele and New Lander are chalcosiderite, a close cousin to turquoise. Here is a picture of your ring, next to some chalcosiderite cabs that I have.


@markyboy57 There’s actual Damele/Damale turquoise, not plentiful but it exists. Otherwise it’s as variscite, faustite, and chalcosiderite.


Yes, that’s true. Didn’t mean to spread any misinformation.

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For sure those REALLY look like my ring. And I read on the Durango Silver Company website that early on it was marketed as turquoise, so that makes sense why I was told it was turquoise.

Thanks so much!!

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That is so cool you have some cabs that match ! Thanks for sharing-