Trying to identify stones and maker’s mark on squash blossom


I’ve recently found this site and I’m awed by the knowledge and beautiful jewelry I’ve found here. I bought this squash blossom necklace in a thrift store several years ago. I’d wanted one for years. I’ve scoured the Internet looking for any squash blossom with stones like these, but never found one. The stones are lovely and remind me of jade, though I have never found reference to a jade squash blossom necklace so I don’t think they are jade. I’ve also been unable to identify the artist’s mark. Any information anyone can provide would be appreciated. (I won’t be upset if it isn’t authentic; it’s my favorite piece of jewelry and that won’t change.) I’ve never cleaned it. I was afraid of cleaning it wrong and damaging it. Any ideas about the best way to clean this also would be appreciated.



There was a post on here years ago that had a squash blossom with jade.Can anyone identify this artist? Jade Squash Blossom set

I can’t figure out what the hallmark is; is it a little stick figure person? Or initials?

In the picture it doesn’t appear to be dirty, just seems to have a nice patina. Very occasionally I just lightly use a silver polishing cloth, but mostly I never clean my jewelry at all. I prefer the look they get naturally from wearing them. But I do store them in containers, because if they are sitting out they will eventually tarnish.


Thanks, Ziacat.

I realized my photos were less than optimal. I think these may be a bit better off the stones and the mark. I could never make the mark out. I thought maybe CK. I can see how it looks like a stick figure after you suggested that.


I found this. It is not a perfect match to the hallmark (but we know those can change) and the age and style match up nice. The name is Dennis kalisteo.