Type of turquoise

Dying to know if this is dyed or real. I’m referring to the large triangular piece. If it’s real, any help with from what area is appreciated.


Oooh pretty. Something like natural Kingman. Can we see all sides of the piece : )

Anxious to see more photos!

I am not sure what is going on here. I have never seen this big of a gap with a matrix pattern like this. It is almost like it is a repair and we are looking at liquid silver being used as some type of glue. Is this a watch? The turquoise looks legit, nice.

Thank you Jason. I purposely didn’t post the entire piece until there was some opinion posted. I have been told that the estate this was acquired from indicated it is Indian Mountain Spiderweb turquoise. I’ve been trying to find anything similar and have come across Tibetan and Dry Creek that is similar but the Indian Mountain all seems to be a darker blue.
It is a watch at the moment but I’m not willing to give up the one that I wear so I think the watch is going to be replaced by a silver dollar.
here is the rest of the 450 gram monster.

I have not had any luck tracking down the hallmark either. I’ve checked under PC and RC and whatever the symbol is if you read it sideways. 4 views to prevent strained necks:



Google image of Indian Mountain Turquoise Cuff -ad/info not available

Think your piece is lighter because it hasn’t been stabilized/enhanced. Glad you shared -Thank you.

So your opinion is that mine is indeed Indian Mountain?
I’m sorry there is no further info on your second picture as I’d love to get my hands on that cuff!

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It’s my opinion some of the stones in the piece you shared could be Indian Mountain. I’m not an expert. Setting myself on a mission to learn about Indian Mountain Turquoise. My findings are -it is truly rare in todays market. After extensive research and because info on this stone seems to be fading fast, I feel compelled to compile it here.
The cuff you expressed interest in leads to a deleted Etsy listing. You can find by searching the image’s name with google search… il_570xN.1251528563_d566 A little more Searching led me to the eBay sold listing here…


I particularly like this listing of Indian Mountain, which is from ALLTRIBES that is also SOLD and deleted, shows some nice variations, right second down looks a lot like your example without the deep color. Using this image’s name 6f95ca9fec0577c44730d00192228f55 in google search will take you to that ALLTRIBES SOLD page.
Here shows a screen capture of google search today with the little that remains of that Lot’s info.

The deep color of turquoise, the even gray matrix, the natural look & apparent age of your webbed turquoise leads me to believe the stones equal first pickings of old mine stones. As well, the quality of the pyrite stones in your piece equal prime stuff. Good luck, Sara

Wow Sara! Thank you so much. I guess I won’t get much work done today so I can follow up on your research. Much appreciated.

[quote=“TryingToLearn, post:5, topic:4150”]It is a watch at the moment but I’m not willing to give up the one that I wear so I think the watch is going to be replaced by a silver dollar.


Actually, the watch is pretty nice and it’s an automatic! A little history - in 1962, Bulova introduced its Caravelle line of jeweled watches. In 2008, Citizen Watch Company purchased Bulova. Interestingly, the dial and case on your watch are identical to my Citizen watch that I installed in 1996 as a replacement for the original watch on my watchband.

Curious, do you have any idea on the age of your watch and watchband? I’m wondering if it is post 2008 due to the dial and case being a Citizen design that was around since at least 1996.

Here is my watch…

Seems google has redirected Lot Image ID 6f95ca9fec0577c44730d00192228f55 to a different Pinterest Pin with the same ID since yesterday. You can still find the original pin that leads to ALLTRIBES in the “just turquoise board” which still leads to a dead-end on ALLTRIBES. Point is, this shows a little bit of how info is wiped from the web and you won’t find it no more -which was kinda the point in the first place :upside_down_face: lol

I’ve been able to take some magnified views. Are you thinking that these are broken pieces “glued” together with what appears to be the larger veins of matrix?

You are right, the font hands and ‘dots’ are identical. I have no idea of the age but when the time comes to take the watch out it should be able to be determined by markings on the back I hope. Do you know the year of yours?

My Citizen was purchased new in 1996 as a replacement for the original Timex. The watchband is from 1976.

These are pieces of Indian Mountain Turquoise that we have had before. The two pieces that are not set come directly from Ed Mauzy. Like other mines, Indian Mountain can have a number of looks. However, I have never seen or been told that the mine produces the stones with a pryrite matrix. Indian Mountain is very valuable and if you are going to call it such you should really have some good information to make that decision. It hurts all of us when someone calls something Indian Mountain because the buyer is counting on us to be the knowledgable source, and then they take it to someone and they make you feel like it is not Indian Mountain because it isn’t. They paid $549.49 for a bracelet you wouldn’t give $120 for.


Exactly why I was posting here. I don’t know enough to claim what type it is so I’m looking for informed opinions. From what you say the watchband is NOT Indian Mountain. Any idea what direction I should look in to determine what it could be?

I think the value here is the piece, not so much the turquoise. It would be nice if we could find that hallmark. It is such a big and unique piece.

It definitely makes a statement! Wear it in good health.

It looks like it was a type of processed turquoise produced by the king an mine in the 70s, called Mojave turquoise. Here is a link to a site that includes a vintage article about it:

Still quite a statement piece!

This is amazing, although I like its components (maybe more than) the whole! That first side view is so artistic and the horses and animals are so evocative. Enjoy!!