What are *you* still lacking?

what’s your missing “trophy”? that style,artist,time frame…maybe not a “must have” or an “omg!that’s huge” but something you keep in mind.
I feel the urge for an “Effie C.”…older,not a “wow”,just a genuine,easily identified piece.
and…a decent cluster-style bracelet.

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an all-silver squash blossom, a nice needlepoint turquoise line bracelet, a chunky turquoise cluster bracelet, and a good quality all-coral bracelet, not needlepoint.


I am missing a really good squash with nice turquoise and not too large. A great set of Navajo pearls, and a drop dead Zuni fetish necklace, and a nice cluster bracelet. I am saving up my money and when I get to New Mexico again (it could be a few years or more) I will purchase directly from an artist on these. I think these are just too hard to shop for online when I am 1000 miles away from were they are being made.

I don’t have specific items, just anything I love! However, I wouldn’t mind a piece with a horse (or horses) on it. I almost bought a Navajo storyteller cuff with horses at the native art market in Indy, but just didn’t love it quite enough, my # one rule (besides being in my price range!).

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Hmmmm. I think my holy grail piece would be a very old (late 1800s, early 1900s…not a Harvey or tourist piece) cuff with old original turquoise stones. Those are not too readily available at any price, it seems; and establishing authenticity would make it even harder. Not really sure where to find such a piece or what one would expect to pay for it, but something that’s early and reflects historic NA artistry that’s the real deal would be awesome.

Realistic stuff I may have a better shot at getting my hands on :rofl: would be a cobblestone piece, and I have yet to find that squash necklace that really speaks to me…I hear you’ll know when it finds you.

@Jemez2 something coral like this? This is my first all coral piece. Surprised that the hubs picked it!


Squash Blossum. I love them, but all I saw for the past 35 years were out of budget at the time.

@Ziacat I have a storyteller cuff with horses by one of my favorite artists, Clarence Lee

Also, this belt buckle’s not mine, but I talked my mom into buying it at Free Indian Market this year from Ira Custer:


I am missing a Navajo pearl necklace made from all the silver dimes and quarters my mom collected and I inherited. I am determined to have it made in the coming year!

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I have a huge and ever evolving wishlist, but some items on it currently include a vintage multi-strand hand rolled heishe necklace with great natural turquoise, a Navajo guild or IACB stamped cuff, an Ondelacy cluster cuff, a Zuni fetish necklace, a classic turquoise and silver early Navajo cuff bracelet, and something by Julian Lovato.


beautiful! I’m looking for more like this:


Those are both beautiful. I especially love the buckle; I bought a pair of his earrings a few years ago in Santa Fe. If I had seen a buckle like that I prob would have bought it! But it’s always fun to be on the hunt for something.

I have weakness of wallet so that is the biggest problem.


“What are you still lacking?”

I’m lacking enough manliness to wear something like this…


dammit,dammit,dammit…I gotta get a leader-dog;one trained backwards so it’ll drag me past stuff I spot.

all I was gonna do the other day was exchange a coping saw blade at the hardware store downtown(toted it along so I’d get the correct size this time-duh). shortcut through the antiques mall-no prob,right? won’t hunt the book section. ha…turq nugget necklace not 6ft past the door…looked but resisted. (good me)

today,went w/a buddy to the last day of the farmer’s market this year,did a wander through a resale shop up the street & bein’ in the mood,decided to investigate the necklace further.

in through the back door,past the books,turned the corner &…crap…14 in plus walrus tusk!!!

oh,yeah…of course I got the necklace too. 20% off.I’ll let you know after I find my acetone but the colors,weight & varying sizes/shapes of stones gives me a bit of optimism.


Did you get the walrus tusk?

oh yeah :smirk:

have only seen one before & couldn’t talk myself into spending nearly $300 then


Sure you are! I have one too, and I’m female :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Anyway a lot of my collection is things I don’t wear, but want to have just because they are wonderful pieces of Native American silver work. This is a beautiful heavy buckle I’ll never wear…but it’s so cool, I’ll likely never sell it!


That buckle is amazing; I would so wear that! But I love wearing belt buckles, learned it from my dad (who I think secretly dreamed of being a cowboy).

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And your buckle also reminds me of one my mom bought in AZ in 1969 which I inherited. I agree, such beautiful art!

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