Who is Quoc Turquoise? Hallmark QT

I have noticed a ton of listings on eBay, Etsy etc.for “genuine” Navajo pieces with the hallmark QT 925 - mostly offered for way less than “real” identifiable pieces. eg. “Beautiful QT Sterling QUAC (New Mexico)” “coral, turquoise, onyx inlay” etc. Many listings say the pieces are from Quoc Turquoise Inc. - but I can’t find anything to say whether these pieces were made by Native Artists for a company or are just Navajo style made for a tourist trade or even if the stones used are genuine. ? The 925 stamp and the look of the pieces does suggest they are in fact sterling. Any info would be appreciated.

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There’s been conversations numerous times on this site about this. Try googling it in the search bar. But here’s a link in the meantime.Any idea who TK is?

Also Can someone tell me about this hallmark?

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Quoc is a jewelry manufacturer in Albuquerque. Quoc is originally from Vietnam, and when I knew him all of the employees I met in his shop were Vietnamese, or SE Asian living in Albuquerque. Used to see Quoc regularly at trade shows, and we were on cordial terms. It’s been many, many years since I visited his workshop, and things may have changed over the years. It appears he is still in business, so you might want to contact him directly.



Thank you for the info and the link. I have seen jewelry with your exact TK in a circle hallmark identified as being made by Hopi artist, Tony Kyasyousie but I have never seen an independent reference that he has ever used this hallmark, nor that he did this type of work. (Maybe he did?) I am also curious to know if anyone else knows who it is.

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Wow, super informative. I should have joined turquoise people a long time ago and asked this question​:joy::joy:Thank you for the link. I will check it out and give an update here :pray::pray:

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925 is my “nope”…well,one of them.