Who is/was "Johnny Blue jay"?

2 recent listings renewed my interest in “Johnny Blue Jay” or “Johnny Bluejay” due to the equestrian, horse related theme of alerts I get from ebay.

this question was covered briefly here back in 2010/2011

and again in 2020

It seems to me that “Johnny Blue Jay” and his variations of hallmarks has achieved legendary status mostly through some parroted, quoted, cited or just plain copied info out there from other 4-sale blurbs.



What has been elusive are any biographical, verifiable posted or printed information beyond some of the wild claims I have read during some deep web searches.

Please feel free to share any and all information you may have.


I can’t unpack the mystery at all, but I will say this: The word Hopi does not apply to the look or tradition of the jewelry marketed as being by this person. And I’m convinced the marketplace includes quite a number of made-up Native makers, whether originating as imports or the work of Anglos producing in a “Southwest” style.