Worth Repairing?

I have both sides, but am only showing one.

Was made in the 1980’s. At the time, I was cabbing and my husband was doing the silver work.

The sand cast bracelet was purchased from T-Bird Supply in Gallup, NM.
They still have these available for $33.46. Listed as 26 grams.
The setting was also purchased from there.

The break is clean.

My husband passed away in a car accident in 2004. Would love to have what was my favorite bracelet back in wearing condition.

What do you think? Thanks.



Personally, I think you answered your own question. The new one is how to find someone to do it. You may want to look here: Perry Null Trading Repairs

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I think it is well worth repairing!

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Thanks. The cuff broke due to bending it over the years.

I think you will be happy to get it repaired. It will be like seeing an old friend.

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I’m a Navajo silver smith if u need it repaired need clear picture