2023 Indian Market

We will be heading up to Santa Fe tomorrow for the 2023 Indian Market.
I will take some photos to share with you all!
My budget isn’t that big, and I don’t have a target item or artist.
So I don’t know what I’ll be bringing home!
Probably a sunburn!


Hope you have a fabulous time! And those of us who can’t be there in person will eagerly enjoy any photos you’d like to share :grinning:


Oh, have a blast! Looking forward to some photos…


Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to pictures too :smile:


We had a great time today! It was hot and crowded, as expected.

So many people were wearing silver and turquoise. What a great sight to see!
Here are some photos.



Here is my friend Rodney Coriz (who had a booth there) showing one of his pieces

I took these pics just for @Ziacat
Mary Tafoya’s work!


I bought this bracelet from Lyle Secatero.
I first saw his work on Instagram, and when I saw his bracelets in person, I was smitten.
I chose this one.


I’m drooling. Beautiful stuff. Would you say most of the jewelry there is modern or were there a lot of traditional sterling/turquoise pieces. Do you have any pics of gorgeous big turquoise? All that Mary Tafoya to look at! :flushed::flushed:


My husband bought this bracelet for himself from Andy Marion.
I love the asymmetrical design!


I love both cuffs. Hubbies cuff has asymmetry, different textures and the flat strip in the middle adds the best touch.


There was every kind of Native jewelry imaginable.
Both traditional and modern.
Beadwork and quill work. Conchos, hat bands and everything else.
Not to mention sculpture, kachinas, wood carvings, photography, pottery and paintings.
It was so overwhelming.


And Maynard Garcia gave me a t-shirt because I told him I watch his YouTube channel!


Thank you, thank you for posting these pics! Looks like so much fun! I love seeing people wearing their stuff. You see quite a bit worn at the Art Market here, but not nearly so much, because a lot of locals who are just curious show up. They all seem to be appreciative of the jewelry, but don’t really wear that much. So when I travel out west it’s especially fun to wear my stuff.

Gosh, so much amazing art! And your friend’s work is amazing. I LOVE your cuff; not only does it look great by itself, it will work well stacked. And your husband has good taste too :grin: Mine doesn’t wear any jewelry except for his wedding band. Oh well, more for me…

So I almost bought the Mary Tafoya hummingbird necklace - the second from the left in with the different colored beads; I came so close. But then chose the Reggie Mitchell cuff, because I knew I would wear it more. Maybe next year! She is so gracious and humble. Thank you for posting pics of her jewelry.

So glad you went! I haven’t been to Santa Fe since '18 (but got to ABQ in '21), so brings back great memories.


We had so much fun. I told Reggie that he has lots of fans on the internet! His work was fabulous.

We were there for 5 hours, and just couldn’t see everything. I could’ve spent a fortune.

It was fun talking to the artists about their pieces.
Everyone was friendly and happy.

I told hubby that we NEED to go every year and treat ourselves to quality NA jewelry, straight from the artists.


“I told hubby that we NEED to go every year and treat ourselves to quality NA jewelry, straight from the artists.”

EXACTLY! That’s what I feel about the Market here. There’s just something so special about speaking with the artists and seeing how much work they put into it. I know we all want to get a good deal, and we can’t always afford to buy directly from them, but it’s certainly worth it when we can.


@Stracci , than you so much for sharing all these brilliant photos and descriptions. It looks and sounds phenomenal. I have no experience of attending anything quite like this (yet!), but you made it come alive for me. It looks like the sheer amount and variety of stunning NA jewellery was overwhelming—in the most thrilling way, of course! I really appreciate your vivid account. Hope I can go to one of these in person someday, but enjoying it vicariously now was just awesome!


Wonderful pictures and such beautiful choices. Great cuffs, I love both of them. It’s kinda cool to see what you guys picked and how different they are. Very nice mementos to take home with you for sure :smiley:


@chamekke it really was overwhelming. So many choices, most things pretty expensive, too! But all the booths in the plaza had only the highest quality pieces.
I’m glad that hubby loves jewelry, too.
Here in NM, Native cuff bracelets and turquoise rings on men are really common.


AWESOME!!! So hope to go sometime. I don’t know artists since I generally buy secondhand but have bought some direct from the artists when I could. Everyone got amazing pieces and such great treasures. Enjoy them and thanks for sharing!! Maybe @Islandmomma and I will come from the East coast someday! :grin: