2024 Turquoise Resolutions

today is 12/31/23 or 123123 for the numerologists but I will not submit this topic at 12:31:23 PM EST just to be safe :rofl:

Have you developed a turquoise game plan, goal or direction you want to follow or chase starting Monday 01/01/24

there are no wrong answers so what’s yours


For future collecting, my plan is to only purchase pieces of high quality.
I see lots of stuff at pawn shops and antique malls, but the majority of it is not great work. Blah stones, sloppy details, poor stamping, etc.

Last August, we attended Santa Fe Indian Market, and we saw world class jewelry. Hubby and I both purchased cuff bracelets from well regarded artists.
I told him that we must attend every year and treat ourselves to high quality work directly from the artists.


Continuing collecting the great contemporary makers but still a judicious occasional purchase of high-quality antique/vintage.


@Stracci and @chicfarmer, same, same! I also hope to pass on a few pieces I no longer wear, and wear more often pieces that I love, but kind of forgot about (this forum has helped me appreciate some of my older purchases). I want to love what I wear, and wear what I love; not just have it sit in boxes.

Not being able to travel to the southwest for a couple years and shop for more vintage pieces has made me appreciate buying directly from the artists at the art market in Indy.


Starting a new job in January where unfortunately I won’t be wearing fun things as much, but, I’ll be able to get myself a strand of Navajo Pearls that I’ve been wanting forever.


My resolution is to help support Zia in any way possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wishing you all a healthy, safe, and peaceful new year.


Turquoise Resolutions—what a deep dive I could take here. Yesterday I worked on cataloging more of my collection (hoard). I am in agreement with @Ziacat that I should selectively remove a lot of things and let them go to new homes. My taste and discernment have changed and evolved over the years resulting in a lot that never sees the light of day. That might even allow me to obtain a special piece from one of the several artists whose work I don’t own. It’s a good project for the winter when I don’t want to be out in the cold :cold_face:.


Mine is simple.
To look at more jewelry for sale at yard/garage sales. I usually just walk past those.


And of course you must show us them when you do :grin:


ohhh - like Ziacat and Islandmomma i need to practice a little tough-love with the hoard.

i plan to focus my 2024 collecting on better stones instead of bargains and gap-filling. i have a few aspirational pieces in the back of my mind - but i also need to rebuild my deck, scrape the popcorn off about 1800sf of ceilings, paint 90% of my house interior, fence my yard, do some landscaping, … priorities people! turquoise first. :wink:

good condition battery bird necklace
Shirly Benn maiden face pin/pendant (sigh)
Jarvis Hoskie cactus pendant
really good turquoise cluster ring, with eccentric/irregular (non-calibrated) stones
branch coral bracelet (not calibrated cabs)
GOOD knifewing earrings (this is a pipe dream - all i find are screw/clip, badly converted, or $$$$)

:money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I hoping to continue my previous resolution which, like so many of you, is to focus on quality pieces by artists I respect and trust. Both contemporary (always fun to purchase directly from them) and wonderful vintage. I also resolve to downsize a bit (difficult to do!). Still trying to find the perfect Mark Chee cuff. Can be difficult to find both the correct size and type of turquoise, but if I had to pick this would be toward the top of my list for my 2024 game plan. Wish me luck! :blush:


Since our house was built somewhere in the '80s I have come to the conclusion that popcorn ceilings are decidedly vintage and therefore cool :grin:

But I’m kinda like you, @Jemez2; we really need new family room carpet (previous owners put in light colored carpet - why??), new tires for my car (preferably before much snow comes), and I need (okay, want) another Reggie Mitchell cuff. Hmm …wonder in what order those will be purchased…


I hope to buy fewer but better pieces, ideally ones where I can positively and genuinely be certain of the silversmith’s identity. (Since I don’t live in the U.S.A., online purchasing is a necessity, so careful research is something I have to get used to doing! Fortunately, it’s also deeply educational.)


I also buy about 98% of mine online. After years of doing this you develop skills and find sellers who consistently deliver good quality pieces. You can also contact artists directly online. Since I don’t live near the Southwest where I can see and feel things in person, this is how I roll.
Now to address the issues like popcorn ceilings and paint…I have hated my popcorn ceilings for so many years that I no longer see them. I am also not a painter. I would love to have my entire house painted but I am no longer able to do it so I just hang more pictures. :woman_shrugging:
It is time to thin out some of the things that I no longer wear and maybe earn enough to but something special.
It’s also time to dust and reorganize my fetishes and my rock/crystal collection. It has overflowed its allotted space.
And then the books…I’ll never be bored! HAPPY 2024 EVERYONE :fireworks:


It is possible that pre-1980s popcorn ceiling material contained asbestos.


Thanks. I hope I’m safe. Mine was 1999.

I’m pretty sure I’m safe too. I think this house was built in '85. If not, well, I’m not gonna worry about it. The people that owned it before us and built it were pretty fastidious. I think they would have been very careful.

@chamekke, you could also try trusted stores online like Perry Null!

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I’m in an apartment building constructed around 1975 and am virtually certain our popcorn ceilings do contain asbestos. I’m told it’s not a risk unless you actually scrape the ceiling and cause asbestos dust to be released. Well, let’s hope so. I will say I’ve become much more cautious about cleaning the ceilings in our home since learning this!

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Thank you, @Ziacat ! I do check the Perry Null website regularly, along with Garland’s and one or two others. Sadly the pieces I’ve loved the most are usually marked SOLD by the time I spot them :laughing: but I’m sure serendipity will strike one of these days!

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sheeeeesh,even you kids’ houses are kids…how 'bout 1907?