Butterfly pin

Does anyone have any thoughts on this pin, a member of the group suggested the arrows may be Kenneth Jones, but wasn’t sure about the bottom mark and I can’t find it eith…I any ideas on age?


I feel like I’ve seen this mark before…
Love the pendant!

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Nice butterfly. I believe the stick figure mark is the Carl Luthy shop.

Thank you for the reply, not Luthy found that hallmark, not a match.

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Sorry that didn’t help. It’s really a nice butterfly. Did you try a google search of the hallmark? It might work.

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Thank you, I tried a reverse image search - no luck. …got a lot of hallmarks and images of Chinese characters.

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Lovely, fanciful, beautifully executed!


It’s really nice, whomever made it was meticulous. I especially like the file work on the body. No solder blobs, the added bail, bezels are perfectly fitted & remain tight, no saw marks on the edges. Beautiful work.


Completely agree!. Really nice, clean work. Hallmark looks like an Apache Devil Dancer. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this piece came out of Arizona.

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Dang it, I just came across this hallmark in an older post on this site a week or so ago. But now I can’t remember what it was, of course. But no one could figure out to whom the stamp belonged…but I remember it was on an absolutely gorgeous ring.

Edit: found it. Anyone recognize this artist? although I see now they’re not exactly the same. I remembered it because it reminds me of a little spaceman.

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Yes I’ve gotten the same off base replies with hallmark searches.

source: https://www.gregthorne.store/all/p/b37


Well, there ya go!! Yay Steve


Thank you Steve! I’ve sent an email to Mr. Thorne asking to authenticate it and hopefully get a date as well. Thanks again!


@Khmetalwork , did you ever get a response to your inquiry?

This is such a lovely piece!

Beautiful big piece :blush: