Cactus and canyons

Partly because it’s been quiet on here for a bit, and partly because I’m looking forward to heading to the southwest, I decided to start a post to showcase anybody’s jewelry that features cactus or the desert southwest landscape (like canyons, mesas, etc). I only have a couple.

The first is a collaboration piece by Britwest and Navajo Robert Livingston. She told me the stones are all natural Sonoran Gold turquoise. It’s large, about 3 1/2 inches, and fits nicely on a number of my necklaces. I love saguaros, and my friend in Phoenix has two in her yard.

These earrings are a bit of a stretch, but I’ve always felt the jack rabbit is pictured among some Monument Valley type mesas (although I figure there is a wave on there also). They are made by Hopi artist Alvin Taylor.

It’s been going on about 3 years since I’ve been out there, and I am feeling like I’m in withdrawal, so post away all of y’all!


I will try to find a barrette I have with cacti on it.


This pin/pendant is my only piece of cactus jewelry, and it has no hallmarks. Perhaps we’d see a shaman snake dancer or flute player petroglyph on the canyon walls. The sterling cuff is hallmarked “CP” by Curtis Platero, Navajo. I bought this cuff directly from him on our first visit to New Mexico. He was so kind and patient. He explained in detail his overlay process to me, and also showed me how to properly put on & remove a cuff from my wrist. If I remember correctly, the imagery represents Monument Valley. It’s one of my favorite cuffs that I wear often.


Here are a page of mountain, mesa, and desert items from the M. M. Rogers Studio lookbook.

Also this necklace that I really loved designing.


@mmrogers Oh, these are great! I like all of them. Thanks for sharing. Is a “lookbook” a customer catalog?


Love, love, love it all! Thanks to both of you for joining in!


Hi @Patina. Yes it is.


I’ve gotta get an MM Rogers piece! On my list…

Beautiful cactuses! I don’t have any of those yet. Here are my Western-themed contributions:

Scenery and wildlife

Desert scenes/stories. My fave horse cuff! Yes, that is the story cuff that we all made funny stories about (early man leaves home, travels the world, encounters snakes, and moves to a larger city, among others, ha). The gold ones with symbols is a rain prayer, I’m told


What beautiful pieces you all have! @Ziacat , that saguaro cactus pendant is stunning, with beautiful and interesting turquoises (not to mention, the bunnies are adorable). @Patina , I love your cactus pendant, and how you’ve grouped it with your other pieces – they allso much energy, they look as though they’re all dancing and celebrating the landscape! @mmrogers , gorgeous designs, but I especially that large necklace at the bottom – I like how it has almost a 3D effect, evoking the canyon in which the pueblo buildings are nestled. And @Xtina, all your pieces are amazing, but I think I especially love your horse cuff – the high relief of those graceful horses makes me feel like they might trot right off your bracelet.

Awesome thread :smiley:



Oh I really like this! Is it wood and turquoise?

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on this buckle 3 different types of wood was used and stained to get the desired effect along with the turquoise disk as well as silver dots inlayed for the night sky on the brass buckle base

edit to add this:


Several of the panels of this small concho belt by Lloyd Becenti have mesa scenes!


That’s fascinating stuff. I was wondering if the stars were silver. What a freakin’ cool buckle.

What’s interesting is the copy says turquoise is used for the earth, and howlite for the moon. So is this supposed to be from another planet looking back at the earth? But to me it looks like the San Francisco Peaks in northern AZ, but maybe that’s just because I’m headed there :rofl:


Wow!! Absolutely amazing. And definitely has some Monument Valley looking stuff going on in those. If I ever start a corn jewelry thread, you can add this one again :grin:


that description is from another company, sky west limited.
info on Kenneth Reid and the materials he used is kinda thin and mostly guess work from the resellers out there especially about the wood types


I think we need an insect thread…butterflies, spiders, dragonflies, ants, etc.


My San Francisco Peaks visual image of your buckle…

Although being that it was made in NM, your buckle might be an image of Mount Taylor which is west of ABQ.

@nanc9354 you could start one! However, I will not be adding any spiders. I will not buy spider jewelry :flushed: I am not a fan of spiders unless they’re outside making cool webs (I got a spider bite once that got MRSA in it). In my house their lifespan is very limited.


Here are my 2 pieces that feature mesas and such (no cactuses yet, alas).

Harold Becenti cuff with horses:

E. [Eloise] Richards wide cuff – with a more stylized landscape:


I really, really love these. And even though I’m a horse person, I love the wide cuff the best. Such a beautiful design.