Ebay find-- Navajo? multi-stone inlay ring, hallmark RC with broken arrow ; abstract landscape

Hello! I’m a beginner collector, new to the group who has yet to acquire books on native american hallmarks. I recently purchased and received the ring above and am very happy with it; the stones, craftsmanship, and artistry seem solid but after a solid block of searching over a couple of days I haven’t been able to track down the hallmark or figure out who the artist might be. Also, I’m speculating this is Navajo? Thanks for your attention!


I found a RC offset and joined like that in Hougart book, but not with the arrow. Attributed to Ramos Chavez - it mentions he sometimes added an animal, but nothing about the arrow.

Thanks, Nance–

I googled Ramos Chavez and so far have come up with this pair of earrings: the bezel looks similar…