Ira Custer passing

I am not on Facebook, but my hubby had joined when my brother was ill so we could follow his posts. Because of this I have been able to check in on one of the Native American jewelry pages. And…

I just saw this :weary::disappointed_relieved:

I’m so blessed that I was able to meet him a couple summers ago at the Eiteljorg Indian Art Market; he really liked to chat with his customers. I will always treasure that. We also emailed back and forth a couple times, and I had been thinking I might ask him if he could design a ring with my mom’s old turquoise stones from her earrings, but too late. He will be missed.


Me too, as we’ve discussed. A loss of a charming person, great storyteller, and fine artist. :slightly_frowning_face:Thanks for posting this remembrance.


This is very sad news. @Ziacat I’m sure you will treasure your pieces so much more now.


Ah, that is such sad news. @Ziacat, I’m glad you have that memory of meeting Mr Custer, chatting with him and even corresponding a little. He certainly had a kind face and a sweet smile. You can tell from the Facebook write-up that he was dearly loved. May he rest in peace.


I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve always appreciated his work, and also enjoyed talking with him on several occasions at Indian Market.


Lovely and emotional remembrance by Bonnie McClung of Turquoise and Tufa, with info on ways to help the family.


Thank you for sharing that! It choked me up. I wish I had had the opportunity to buy more from him when he was alive, but I’m so glad I bought the things I did. First thing I purchased were some cross earrings which I call my Shield of Faith earrings, because they look like a shield. They’re really, really heavy on my ears, but I’m going to have to wear them more often in memory of his art and who he was.