It had me at the bezel 😆

This ring was my other AZ purchase, which I found at Garland’s in Oak Creek Canyon. I was really wanting to find a large ring for my right first finger, because some of my other rings have gotten a little tight. I was first drawn in by the stone, which is natural Royston, but then, that bezel!

I’ve always loved Royston, and I’m not sure that I had any. This one doesn’t quite have the classic blue to green fading that I love but, oh my gosh, it drew me in.

They had so many beautiful rings that I had a hard time deciding. There was one with Blue Diamond that I also loved, but it was a teeny bit too large. And I kept coming back to this one.

If anyone is out that way, it’s a wonderful store in a beautiful setting. Because of the angle of the sun, my photo doesn’t show the color in the cliffs.

Thanks all for enjoying my shopping along with me!
Edit: forgot to say it’s by David Lister.


What a find! It looks like it was made for you.

Oak Creek Canyon area was a highlight of our four corners trip. Did you drive along the creek? I forget the route number. There were several roadside N. A. sellers all the way to the top.


@Ziacat Love it!!! That ring speaks to me on all levels. I totally understand why you kept returning to it. Such a great looking ring. I’d so wear it on my pointer finger, too :slightly_smiling_face:.


Highway 89A, one of the best highways ever! It then goes up around Flag, through the Navajo Rez (east of GC), splits off 89 near the Navajo Bridge and on to Jacob Lake on the Kaibab Plateau, and then north to Kanab where it joins back up with 89. I can picture almost every mile of those roads, because we have traveled them so much. The state of MI sells oodles of tees with logos such as M22, M116, etc. But I want one that says A89 :laughing:

We did drive through along the creek, and got out to hike a bit at the West Fork area.

@Patina thanks, and I loved all your Royston rings you posted the other day.


@Ziacat , I can see why you fell in love with this! Such vivid hues, and that crisp and distinctive bezel. Yowza. I’d have bought it in a heartbeat. And it looks lovely on your finger.

On the subject of rings getting tight, I’d love to see an animated GIF of the life cycle of a ring as it hops from middle finger to index, ring finger, then its final resting place on the pinky :ring:


That ring is a beauty!
I love 'em big and bold!
And the bezel is so interesting…!

(And I responded to @Ziacat 's original post, but it still didn’t show her icon in this response …?)


Thanks ya’ll!

Lol, my ring size also evolves daily apparently. Going in and out of an ice rink tends to do that for me :laughing:

@Stracci it’s so weird about it not showing. Bugs me too. But it did show up as an alert on my phone that you had commented.

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Congrats on finding your special ring! Garlands has an amazing selection; that’s where I got my favorite Royston ring! I agree that that bezel is a plus…adds that little umph to any stone. first saw it used for gold bezels, but recently a couple sterling rings I’ve purchased have this bezel. Do you know the name of that type of bezel?


Yes, @Ziacat
My finger size changes too.
I’ve developed arthritis this year, and it’s making my knuckles swell off and on.


I don’t, I have to Google it in a bit and see if I can find it. But I bet someone else on here may know…

I was drooling over their rings. It was the first place we stopped, and I saw a buckle with horses on it that I loved. But it was out of my price range, and it was by Anthony Lovato. So how lucky that I found a cuff by him later on!


That’s a bummer. I’m also getting a bit of minor eczema on my middle fingers, so if I wear rings very long on those they irritate it. Fortunately I don’t have it on the wedding ring finger; it’s mostly on my right hand, and I think when I ride the reigns irritate that hand (have no idea why it doesn’t bother my left hand though).


I think it’s referred to as a serrated bezel.

ETA: Info in my original post here is incorrect. The bezel on @Ziacat’s ring is known as a castellated bezel as clarified by @Khmetalwork below.


If you wanna see amazing bezels,
look at Nick Nez Jewelry.
His work is spectacular!

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I looked, it is! Prob waaaay out of my price range…

Yeah, he doesn’t even list his prices.
He will be at that Indian Arts Festival this weekend, so I’ll get to see his stuff first hand.

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Like this??? Arizona State Route 89 (United States Numbered Highways) - Road - T-Shirt | TeePublic


That’s IT!! Perfect! I figured there were some online, but I hadn’t gotten around to looking. You can’t get out of a store in the tourist areas in Michigan, like Sleeping Bear Dunes, without finding them. We drove Wickenburg - Prescott -Jerome, and I said, surely I’ll find one in Jerome, but nope. Thank you so much!!


@Zicat, I remembered😄. Your bezel is a “hand cut bezel”. Serrated bezels are the typical zigzag style. I have no idea what the solid bezels are called. Acouple of my pieces with hand cut bezels:


Phenomenal, heirloom quality ring, Zia. I love everything about it: the stunning stone, the setting, the four-split shank, and the oomph of wearing it on the index finger. And I’ve long admired David Lister. Isn’t it wonderful to find a true treasure! Yay!

@Bmpdvm why is that ring winking at me so obviously? :heart_eyes: Absolutely mesmerizing stone.


@chicfarmer …Baby blues; It has no shame​:rofl::rofl: