Opinions about this piece and it's artist from y'all

I’ve been wanting to know what y’all think re: this Navajo cuff. I bought it in the mid 90’s at a great shop (which last time I checked back 10 yrs ago was under different ownership and not the same at all) in Flagg. The owner is the one I have mentioned before who so graciously taught me so much. I’ve attached a little bio about it from my old Trading Post Guidebook.

I only mention where I got it because I trust what I was told (unfortunately I don’t remember much!). I believe I was told it is not block turquoise. He had fake stuff in another case to educate people. I haven’t worn it a lot and I’m not sure why, other than I don’t love it. But I’m keeping it cause of the memories.

I cannot find anything about the artist, N Preston. Every so often I find a piece by him online. Can anyone here find anything about him?

I’m especially curious on thoughts about how well it’s made, etc. Thanks in advance!!


Everything about this bracelet looks like Zuni to me. The stones do not look at all like block, and the bracelet is very well made.

I see some aging of the stones, blue becoming green. This is very characteristic of natural sleeping beauty. I think you’ve got a true keeper here.


Thanks!! I can’t remember what the owner of the shop told me; he may have told me that it was probably Zuni but possibly Navajo. I’ve forgotten. The only reason I said Navajo was because that’s what I’d seen on a couple pieces online attributed to him, but I know to not always trust that. That might be why I liked it originally, because I didn’t have any Zuni cuffs at the time.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at it and commenting; it makes me want to wear an item more that I’m not sure about, if people I respect have a good opinion of it. Silly, but true!


Wouldn’t be the first time a Navajo silversmith has worked in a Zuni style, or vice versa. The work is really impressive. I don’t remember ever dealing with a Nelson family in Zuni, but whoever the silversmith is absolutely nailed they style, techniques, materials and even gauges typical of Zuni jewelry. BTW, sometimes a little exposure (a few hours) to direct sunlight will reverse the ‘greening’ that happens with natural sleeping beauty.


I agree with natural Sleeping Beauty.
It is a beautiful cuff.


Thank you both! Now I need to wear it more. The last name is N Preston, so maybe somebody with one of the big giant books :laughing: will find it.

Mmrogers, thank you so much for your insight; I am constantly learning from your experience. Everything I bought from that store has turned out to be pretty nice. All the times we visited, I don’t remember anyone (other than us and the owner) besides Navajos there.

I don’t think I own anything else with Sleeping Beauty, maybe one other cuff. So that makes me happy too!


I think part of my problem with not wearing it was that when you see so many fake pieces with imitation turquoise, it’s hard to not think the real ones look fake. So sad, but true.

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I have some cabs and jewelry made from natural Sleeping Beauty.
Some have told me they are block, but I know different, as I made some of the cabs in the 1980’s.

When not stabilized, it absorbs skin oils and gradually turns green,
I have one ring that went from the beautiful blue to mostly green in 40 years.


I have a couple cluster rings, one of which I posted in a different thread, which have turned a lot. I love it that way. Maybe they are SB also.

That’s funny, that you were told your stuff was block. You prob had fun answering to that!

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Yes, I did.
I don’t like my ring that turned green, but it was made in the 1980’s, long before I knew much about turquoise (other than that I loved it).


I tried googling N Preston Zuni artist instead of Navajo artist, but still no luck. I’m thinking @mmrogers is right about it prob being Zuni. I just have not much recollection of what I was told when I bought it. With all the other pieces I bought there, I still have the receipts with the info the owner typed up. With this cuff I only have the little MC receipt. Oh well. I wore it yesterday with joy!!

Only thing I could find was this…


I love the center design.


Update: I decided to look online to see if I could find anything else by this artist. Found this…N Preston Signed Sterling Silver Bolo Necklace with Red Stone | eBay

Looks Navajo? The hallmark appears to very similar as the one my cuff. Same artist? :person_shrugging: Although the pieces seem very different.