Piece that started it all :)

My first turquoise (assume turquoise?) piece, from the mid 70s. I love the unusual stone, wish the hallmark wasn’t obscured by the shank! There had been a small round piece at the top, between the leaves, but it broke years ago. I am still drawn to different stones and traditional silverwork :slight_smile:

As always, love learning if any input!


Just wanted to say that’s a gorgeous first piece. I can see why you fell in love with it!

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That’s likely the entire hallmark. The art-amerindien.com site shows the following “S” hallmarks as examples. Someone with more knowledge may be of more help.



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Interesting stone. And for some reason your ring reminds me of a bug :laughing:

So you might enjoy this old thread …The piece that started it all?

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Thanks! That thread didn’t turn up when I looked, sorry to duplicate!

No worries, you are also asking for any info about your ring :grin:

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