Which part of "Native America" does this whatchamacallit hail from?

I thought it could be fun to share listings that are stunningly dead wrong about the “Native American” nature of the item. I don’t mean fakes resembling, I don’t mean the imports masquerading as–I mean the plainly ludicrous. For smiles only.

Stimulated by this listing I happened upon:

[If this idea is in poor taste, @Jason, remove the thread.]


Isn’t that an Egyptian Pharoah? :rofl:


Sure is! :laughing: I forgot about the Nile fork of the Rio Grande…


LOL. I’ve seen some crazy ones and will keep my eye out!


Taxco Zunis

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@chris Perfect example! LOL

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Found one!

This one is of interest to me, because I actually have this exact same pendant, which I wrote about on this forum on the thread about what piece of turquoise was the first-ever and started it all for us.

Here’s an example of a seller misrepresenting what they’re selling (hopefully accidentally but I digress…). Other than some obvious clues (it’s Navajo in the title but also Zuni in the description?), they’ve guessed everything about this. I know that mine was bought at a tourist trap gift shop in the mid-70’s in North Carolina and it’s been too many years for me to say with absolute certainty since I was a child of 7 or 8 then, but I am 99% sure it is neither real turquoise nor real silver and as likely an import.

Buyer beware.