Can anyone help me determine which mine this turquoise is from and the value of this squash blossom necklace?


Welcome @Denette. Beautiful and hefty all in one. I really like everything about your piece.

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Welcome to the forum. First, I just want to say that we can’t determine for sure what mine it’s from without provenance. Everything we do is educated guessing.

I believe I see pyrite in some stones, and generally the default for that would be Kingman or Morenci. I’m going to guess Kingman (I know, I know, I sound like a broken record today), because that’s the most prolific American turquoise out there.

We mostly aren’t appraisers, so giving you a value would be difficult. The best thing to do is Google similar squashes, but I don’t see a hallmark on your squash, so that’s a little difficult. I’m guessing the letters etched in it are a trader or shop code.


Thank you. You all seem to be quite knowledgeable, so I thought I would see what I could find out about this piece. Any suggestions for contacts that might be interested in buying this necklace would be appreciated.

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I don’t sell, I wear my jewelry :grin: But here some old posts that have some really good info.Tips for Selling Native American Jewelry
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