Hopi ? Overlay bracelet w Pciture hallmark - help needed for identifying maker & age

This is another bracelet I inherited and know nothing about. I think it is Hopi origin but a can not identify the pictorial hallmark (looks like a porcupine to me). What is the symbolism behind the ornaments? Thanks a lot


This looks to me like an ocean wave design, which I thought was weird because the Hopi reservation in in Arizona, and there are definitely no oceans in Arizona. So maybe someone can else clarify. I found this in regards to the design:

Sorry but I have no information about your hallmark! Hope this was helpful.

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Water symbols are used frequently in Hopi designs. No ocean, but water is a symbol of life. Today water is piped in, but not that long ago it was very important for crops and survival. Water and the sun are frequently used because of the importance to Hopi culture and survival.


Thanks Jason. So you think it was made by a Hopi silversmith?

I would assume it is a Hopi piece. I couldn’t find that mark but it is consistent with what a Hopi artist would use.

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