How to pack squash blossom necklaces?

How do you travel with your squash blossom necklaces? I’d like to avoid the purpose built cases that are ~$200, but also keep my beauties safe.

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Some suggestions on this thread as well, including a $200 purpose built case :rofl:

Honestly, the best way to travel with them is to wear them.


I have a feeling that if we did, many of us would look a lot like this :grin:


Lol!!! And we’d take forever at security and make everybody behind us mad :rofl: I already lean a little in that direction, although lacking a squash blossom :flushed:


Do you sew? I’ve been leaning towards making something myself since I don’t really see anything out there (other than really really spendy which isn’t in the budget). There are all sorts of options as far as a rigid insert (dollar store “cutting board” plastic cut to size instead of cardboard for example). You can also buy silver fabric by the yard for tarnish resistance.

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I put mine in plastic document boxes like this to keep the blossoms and beads from being crushed. It’s kind of ugly to use plastic but i find that if i put my jewelry in fancy opaque boxes, i forget to wear it


That’s a clever cost effective option

i usually use a pair of tube socks, if i have to pack them for move or travel. Slide each side into one sock, then you can use like a tennis or footie sock over the naja. of course, you still have to be careful what you put the sock bundle into to prevent crushing, but the socks protect from scratching on other pieces and light moving around in luggage or purses. LOVE the idea of @Zephyr 's amazon boxes!!

socks work for liquid silver too, if you secure the clasp through the knitted top of the sock, to keep necklace strands from getting tangled. I have a special tarnish-proof necklace bag for a long graduated strand of sterling pearl beads, it has a velcro fastener inside for the clasp, and a drawstring at the top that i use to hang the whole bag in my jewelry armoire.