Huge Pendant I love - any thoughts?

Love this pendant and it is huge at 2 3/4" l x 2 1/4" w x 1/4" thick. Not signed and can be used as a pin, but I like it better on the gorgeous beads. Was told at least 35 years old and (of course) a rare famous mine was mentioned (they always seem to do that. :roll_eyes: ) the color IS glowy and pretty amazing I will say, and particularly against that smoky black matrix. Anyone have any thoughts?
I so appreciate all the expertise I invariably find here - this site is like a classroom to me! Thanks to you ALL! Marilyn


That is beautiful. I also prefer wearing pins as pendants.

The stone (some of the matrix in the first pic you posted) reminds me a bit of the pictures I have seen of Blue Diamond Turquoise, but my understanding is that’s it’s pretty uncommon. I had never heard of it till I posted a ring of mine that Jason thought might be Blue Diamond, so I had looked it up. My ring stone doesn’t really look like yours, but yours looks slightly like what I’ve seen online.

Whatever, it’s really pretty.


Wow, thank you and for the info and pics. Blue Diamond is what was mentioned by the seller, but I figured that would be too cool to even hope for and they weren’t sure and were honest about it. They were adamant that it was purchased over 35 years ago by their brother for their mother who has since passed. I suspect the pin would be longer if it was much older than that, unless added after the fact. I fell in love with both the turquoise and the beads and figured it was worth grabbing even if I may never know. It’s now the biggest chunk I own, lol!


Let’s see what Jason says. What I have learned from this forum is that figuring out what mine a stone comes from is exceedingly tricky. But I have fun guessing!


Agreed - I may never know for sure - but still I seem to never tire of trying to guess, lol!


Great pendant and beads @Om2bliss! A statement piece! I agree the turquoise has the look of Blue Diamond, but we all know turquoise can fool us depending on when it was mined, etc. Interesting the variety of different appearing turquoise that can come from the same mine. To me Blue Diamond and Stormy Mountain turquoise (both in Nevada) can look very similar, and both are not very common. So, there you go…I’m no help. Regardless, great piece with beautiful turquoise!


And here’s a quick screenshot of some of both. :thinking:isn’t turquoise fun!

So far I haven’t guessed Kingman…yet lol


Lol, boy don’t we all know it! :woozy_face: Thank you - I do adore it! :blush:


Yet… :joy: Hmmmm, and there probably IS Kingman that looks at least close… :thinking:


Thanks for the comparison @Ziacat! See what I mean…it’s that black chert!


That’s exactly what I thought, and I see it in both. It’s also the shape of the black chert, kinda rectangly (made up that word😁), or blocky anyway.


Well when I first looked at your beautiful pendant I thought Blue Diamond…for what that is worth. I particularly like the Modernist vibe of the pendant, with the hand stamped beads and the sweet scalloped bezel more of a traditional approach, it seems to me the artist may be in stylistic transition. Love that.


I thought I’d jump on the Blue Diamond bandwagon!
This is a similar looking stone in a bolo by Art Tafoya that is Blue Diamond.

Then to give you an idea of how different it can look, I bought this from Art last year. It’s also Blue Diamond.


Well, at least I’m not crazy. Yeah, it was that rectangly (love that @Ziacat) black chert that struck me and made me hope against hope it might be Blue Diamond. In looking at @Ziacat’s photos, the shape of the chert looks more like Blue Diamond to my eyes anyway. And yes @August, Loved that scalloped bezel mixed with those gorgeous beads too - made me think 80’s ish perhaps wasn’t a bad guess for age. Kinda surprised at no signature, though. It’s such a spectacular chunk of rock - not sure what to think about that. I know earlier pieces often weren’t signed, but 80’s? The seller said her brother purchased in AZ, not Nevada, though stuff traveled I’m sure. I know I sure did plenty of traveling in the 80’s, lol. She had no other info and her brother has also passed. Love to hear what Jason thinks - hope he chimes in. Holy Cow @AC, I’m drooling over that fly pendant! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: (both actually - and the turquoise in the first really looks like mine)


I posted this necklace a while back, can’t find my original post but I believe Jason thought it was blue diamond?


And here’s the ring I posted last year that Jason thought could be Blue Diamond, because the pawn ticket says NV turquoise. It looks different too.

I did see some Stormy Mountain online when I looked, that had some of that similar chert.

@TaraFawn75 and @AC, gorgeous pieces!! My ring is pretty modest, but I loved the navy stone. Bought it at the Eiteljorg one year when they had pawn jewelry to sell.


Love this ring in all its rich, smoky loveliness - such a unique color of blue.


@TaraFawn75 crazy yummy Squash - such a brilliant blue. So glad you shared it - getting a real feel for possible Blue Diamond here. :grinning:


WOW what a color difference. I like Art’s work but especially that fly you managed to snag!


@Jason right now Rocky is repairing a ring for me that looks similar to this first Browns image. It has long, blocky looking black matrix. I thought maybe someone got happy with a magic marker. If you can, can you take a peek at it and see if it might be this kind of turquoise? Thanks.

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